You Sir, Are Full Of Shit!

Updated: May 19

South Dakota Bill 1057 - The Vulnerable Child Protection Act

It's hard to comprehend what is happening to our children with a sense of clarity. Currently, if you discuss medical transitioning our youth, you will get wide-eyed stairs as the person you are speaking to tries to figure out if you are on their side. If you are arms open wide and you are accepted, if you disagree, be prepared for death threats and slanderous terms that most of us left on the playground at eleven.

What I find this most intriguing is that these debates are happening outside of the transgender community. A few radicals that are trying to convince the world that biology is wrong and males taking estrogen have now begun to miraculously have monthly periods with penises either still dangling or surgically inverted to look like a vagina. I know it sounds crazy reading it this way, but these radical trans are convincing people of this. But, for the most part, these debates are happening in the exact way the debate occurred with the South Dakota Bill 1057, "The vulnerable children act," to protect children from medical harm. These debates are happening without input from adults who understand the medical transitioning process because they have completed it.

Why is everyone an expert, EXCEPT the adults that have done the process. When a marginalized group of people out themselves to save your children, it's best to pay attention. You had 101 at this debate South Dakota Senators

I was an expert witness on the SD Bill, one of many expert witnesses on both sides. Both sides had physicians, psychiatrists, religious figures, and many many more leading to a total of around a one hundred if we combine both sides. Among all these witnesses, there was only one that was a medically transitioned transgender adult, and that was me, Scott Newgent. I listened to hours and hours of testimony as people projected the outcome if we continued to transition our youth medically or denied it. Don't you find it strange that among these expert witnesses, there was only one that had done what these two sides were fighting about? Think about that, just one, me. Why is that?

Fred Deutch was the South Dakota politician that was dragged through the media as an incompetent, right-wing, LGBT hating republican. This same man that left his family housebound as police cars were driving by hourly to ensure their safety due to multiple death threats.

The media painted Fred in the exact way they needed to, to ensure no one listened to him and invalidated his stance and bill. But the truth is that Fred publicly denounced an Anti-LGBT bill in his house and met and sat with transgender adolescents to try and understand this phenomenon. We discussed starting an organization to help these transgender youth to either prepare for medical transition as adults or help them understand their feelings and decipher if it was just a phase; but in a loving environment. Wow, now that is bigotry at its finest, right?

Fred is not a bigot, not in the least, but the state of the world now can hang that on any person, and people automatically believe it.

"Bigot, oh him, damn I didn't know, glad you pointed that out to me I was about to be kind to that person,"

As they pull out their verbal serrated knife and begin to slash vocal cords with intense grunting until completion.

During these eight months, I worked with Fred; we both had eye-opening experiences. Fred was shocked by the treatment I received, from folks on the panel and in public. I explained to Fred from the beginning why more transgender adults didn't come forward, but I don't believe he understood until he followed me on twitter or the emails that I received. He also was shocked by the hate that I dealt with from the TRANSGENDER COMMUNITY & the RIGHT-WING CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY. I was a punching bag for both sides, but I was used to this treatment. Fred, on the other hand, was not. Fred expressed to me that he now understood why more transgender adults that are against medically transitioning adults stay silent and do not come forward and express their views.

Having the opinion that children should not medically be transitioning doesn't mean that the Gods drop a neck chain from the sky that you must wear at all times, so others know you are from the "BAD SIDE." It's common sense to not be for children medically transitioning. If you break up the debate, without emotion or the billion-dollar company, "Lupron," paying for the most exceptional marketing can buy you will decide that, "Medical Transitioning Is No Place For A Child." So why is it happening? One word is the reason we are medically transitioning kids, and that word is "Suicide."

The last debate for the South Dakota Bill, a gentleman gave testimony as an organizational head that handled suicides in South Dakota. He spoke about how this bill would cause a never-ending sea of suicides. In fact, holding back tears he said something to the effect of;

"If you Senators pass this bill, you will be responsible for these kids when they commit suicide, and I will demand that you attend at least one funeral carrying the casket."

He went on to make it sound like trans kids were offing themselves daily, and this bill would just add to the thousands that are happening every day, but he, like most that are for medically transitioning children, let their emotions take over. The truth is that not one, not one child, not one do you understand what I am saying, not one transgender identifying child committed suicide in South Dakota in 2019 because their parents would not allow them to start medical transitioning. But if you listened to the testimony, it would have scared the hell out of you. Therefore we are medically transitioning children, emotions, emotions that are not based on reality.

Suicides happen, yes, and that is terrible. Still, we cannot turn children out medically transitioned because we "MIGHT" have a child in South Dakota commit suicide because they are unable to transition in childhood. Logically we are herding these kids up and walking them into these clinics because someone "MIGHT"--- hasn't happened yet, but it could some child might commit suicide if we don't allow thousands of kids to rip apart the health of their bodies.

Isn't that nuts?

We need to challenge these dramatic speeches; we need to interrupt them and stand up and say,

"Sir, you are FULL OF SHIT."

Let me be the first, "Sir, you are FULL OF SHIT."

In South Dakota, bill 1057 was not passed because we have spineless, incompetent, afraid, mailable politicians who got caught up in the emotion. Aren't politicians supposed to be able to separate fact from fiction? So, is it that these politicians are that impressionable, or are they being bought? It's one or the other because NO ONE that sifts through the facts would allow children to me medically transitioned.

I told these Senators, the ONLY medically transitioned person, the only person that has done and been through what we are allowing these kids to do. I told them that the other 100 medically transgender adults that signed my petition and I are AGAINST medically transitioning these kids. I said to date this transition has cost me and my insurance just under 1 million dollars, I explained about the complications, the deemed criminal enterprise that is pushing these hormone blockers, I explained that the explanation of transitioning and the actuality are vastly different. It's no place emotionally for a child. I told them that no one understands the process, and listening to someone explain why it's ok to medically transition that has a financial benefit is a lazy yet dangerous road to go down. Yet, they listened to the liar that had tears welling up in his eyes about suicides THAT NEVER HAPPENED; they listened to the doctors that said, "Yup, it's safe." They didn't connect the dots that the studies they are referring to were 1-3 year studies not enough time to understand the outcome has gone by, they listened to the invisible "Suicide," clause that does not exist.

Senators, you are supposed to be the cream of the crop, people we turn to when things need to be decided in our society, and I have to say,

"I'm not impressed."

If you can't handle a little bad publicity in the beginning to save kids you need to step down or better yet, man my email or death threats because all of you need to get some guts and if it offends you to bad – Get in line I seem to be creating quite a mountain offending violations, but at least at the end of this I can stand at the top on a mountain and shout for the world to hear,

"I told you."

Mark my words on valentines day 2020 Scott Newgent said, when these kids we are medically transitioning hit about 25 and they realize it was a childhood phase that all of us go through when they know they are now in the wrong body, they take meds for blood clotting issues, heart meds, HRT weekly for life, anti-anxiety for the new issue of the little voice that will never leave, "Did they know I was trans," vitamin D shots for early-onset osteoporosis, when they connect the mental issues with the brain development that they jumped over due to hormone blockers when they understand that they are like the animal at the zoo,

"Oh, look, kids, that's a transwoman, crazy, huh."

When they want to settle down, and the dating pool is slashed by 90% and cut again because they cannot have biological children. As this goes through their minds, they have a little sense of comfort because the diapers they are wearing for life due to all too often botched bottom surgery eliminates them having to get up to pee and gives them an extra 45 seconds to contemplate life as they pick up the 45 caliber gun on their coffee table. As they start to relieve themselves in their diapers, they lift the 45 and pull the trigger, and brain matter explodes onto the wall, and their body falls over limp onto the coffee table. Instantly, doors bang open to investigate the gunshot, these moms and dads will drop to their knees, yelling why, why running to hold their lifeless child. This is when the TRUE SUICIDE EPIDEMIC WILL COME.

Politicians, you got it wrong, remember that when this starts to happen.